Friday, January 18, 2013

Updates...sheesh, do we HAVE updates! ;)

I mean is it REALLY January 18th????!

So I am so far behind that I thought I would just do 50, yes 50 FUN updates for Friday.  ;)  I am still trying to figure out the inability to upload pics, but I will try to put our fun month...almost TWO months into a little fun list of words.  ;) a VERY random order.  Kinda whatever comes to my head.

1.  Liam is THREE!
2.  The day after Liam's 3rd bday he decided to go poo-poo on the potty.  Candy canes were the RANDOM reward that worked so we just hope that they sell them all year round and that we have really really good dental insurance.
3.  We did many fun Christmas activities in December such as The Polar Express in Grapevine on December 1st, Santa pics (more on that later) on the 6th at the Galleria, Trains at Northpark that Friday, and visited some reindeer in Fairview the following weekend.  LOTS of fun trips out to dinner with the fam (no really they WERE fun somehow!) and tons of festivous.  Great memories for all!!!
4.  Santa pics were quite interesting.  Long story short Rowan was NOT having it and since Liam was not feeling well that day, he decided to join in the scream fest and we echoed through the mall until mama jumped in.  ;)  Love my sweet babies.  They just need their mommy.  ;)  AND I LOVE THAT!!!
5.  Our computer broke (which is another reason why I have not updated because I am WAYYY too tired at night to use Rick's work computer).
6.  We ordered a new computer--Google Chrome--might I say Rick's pick ;) and that one broke too so we are waiting yet again for another brand new one.  Hence, I am on Rick's work computer right now.
7.  Rowan is talking and talking and talking.  2 word phrases...for real!  At 15 months!
8.  Rowan is ADDICTED to her ba-bas and pacis.  Probably my fault, but #1 she is too cute when she has both and #2 I am enjoying this baby stuff for as long as I can.  Another reason we MUST have good dental, huh?  ;)
9.  Sidenote on the ba-bas...we really did try to get rid of them.  For like 3 days at the SAME time Liam did poo poo on the potty.  Thought we may have success for all...nope.  She did not drink a SINGLE thing for almost 3 days (a little water and MANY pouches she was using as liquid I think).  Stubborn much???  Um, yes.  After a few dry diapers, mama could not take it and gave in.  She will have them in Kindergarten I think!  ;)
10.  Pacis are less and less but it amazes me how she talks behind it.  Again, probably herendous for her teeth but can quite think about it.
11.  My sister had her baby on 12-12-12.  Carson Lee Sprout is the cutest munchkin ever!!!
12.  Rowan and I (as long as we are healthy) are flying to MD to see our newest family member one week from today!!!!!
13.  I registered for my first half marathon on April 6th after taking a 4 month hiatus from running.  I am up to 6 miles easily after just 1.5 weeks of training so I feel very hopeful I will cross the finish line.  Actually, cannot wait.
14. Rick is doing great at work.  Got an extra bonus which was so exciting!
15.  Using the extra bonus, we have plans to rearrange the house a bit and create a make shift media room upstairs in our fifth bedroom.
16.  The 5th bedroom is where we sleep right now so we plan to move our bedroom downstairs (BIG deal for us northerners) and the playroom to the dining room and the loft.  Hope to be complete by June!  ;)
17.  Liam started his new school.  He is receiving Speech Therapy through FISD on M/W 10:50-1:50 (an still seeing "Miss Shu-shan on T/Th at St. Francis from 9-2).  He LOVES it!
18.  Liam went his first day.  He came home with a cough.  And ended up with a cold on his second day and stayed home to rest.
19.  Rowan got the stomach flu on my birthday (which was the next day)...yep, AT my bday dinner.  At home THANK GOD but it was pizza and it was VERY VERY YUCKY!!!!!
20.  It was our first time dealing with the stomach flu and we ALL got it.
21.  Mommy got it the day after her bday.
22.  Daddy got it the day after that.
23.  And Liam went down the day after that (during the Baltimore Ravens playoff game...not the way Rick planned on watching the game....chasing around a 3 year old with a blue trash can that has apparently scarred him for life.  Well, both of them.)
24.  Liam wakes up every morning and says "No blue trash can mommy."  SO happy for a 5 word phrase, but the poor guy will never forget it.  ;)  I must state we were SO healthy all of the Fall and he only missed one day at St. Francis...probiotics I tell ya!!!!
25.  Ok, so I have only gotten to 25 but I at least feel like I am a BIT caught up.  Minus pictures which frustrates me, but it is what it is.

Happy New Year to all!!!!  We look forward to an awesome 2013!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Turkey Day trip

It was a WHIRLWIND to say the least but as always SO wonderful to see the fam and some of our closest friends!  I will say it again, but I SWEAR our kids come back SMARTER after being around their wonderful grandparents.  We started in Baltimore this time and flew back to Dallas out of Philly.

Aunt Kris picked us up from the airport on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the adventure began.  She looked FABULOUS being 37 weeks preggo!  It was so awesome to give her a hug.
Sunday morning was an early brunch at the Blakes and then we headed up to Bel Air to see Rick's mom, John, Ryan and Kallie.  Of course, it was a Ravens/Steelers game so Liam wore a Ravens jersey and will continue to be completely confused as to what team he should actually root for!  ;)  But so much fun.  So much fun actually that we got ZERO pics!  Ugh, completely forgot to break out the camera for most of this trip, but it was still an amazing time.

Monday morning, we headed back down south and spent the night with the Blakes.  We had a delish jumbalaya dinner that Rowan made us laugh with yet again...she LOVES rice and meat and that was all her eyes saw...she had no idea how spicy it was, however, she gobbled it up with teary eyes and all.  After, she proceeded to put her feet on the table while cracking up...I guess to let us know she was full, happy and satisfied???!  HA!  She is A MESS!  Liam LOVED playing with pop-pop and visiting with the doggie.

Tuesday we headed to NJ to beat the traffic and Kev picked us up from the airport after we dropped off our rental car.

Tuesday was pretty relaxing as we got settled in AGAIN.  ;)  Wednesday, Aunt Patty, Uncle Stan and Melyni came over for a visit which was so fun and then I headed out for some bday shopping for my dad while the kids were napping.  Wednesday night, we went to dinner with my bestest Laurie and her hubby and were all home by 10!  She is prego and I could not be happier for them.  So awesome to give her a big hug!

My mom, dad and I woke up at 5 on Thursday morning to start the cooking.  Well I pretty much just gagged at the scrubbing of the turkeys and scrubbed the kitchen after my mom washed them out.  UGH!  YUCK!  My mom worked so hard even with a broken back.  She is SUCH a trooper and I loved spending the time with her...even if I was not much help!  ;)

We had a visit from Aunt Patti and Uncle Jim later in the day and sat down to eat around 5 pm.  It was DELISH!!!  Rowan and Liam LOVED spending time with Uncle Kev and he was soooo sweet with both of them.  here are the ONLY pics from our whole trip.  UGH!  Dinner...
So apparently after 1 hour of trying to upload the only pics we had I learned I am "out of storage space"????!  Anywho, here is the rest of our adventure in words...

Friday we woke to spend the day celebrating my dad's 60th with my sister, her hubby and nephew.  We relaxed all day, had a visit from the McDevitts (great friends since we were 2 years old!) and then went out to an amazing italian meal.  There is nothing like those good ol' nj italian restaurants.  Fresh bread, BYOB, and amazing seafood pasta.  Great way to end a wonderful, but CRAZY busy trip.  Our flight left at 7 am on Saturday morning and we were in our house for naps at 1 pm.

Now it is December and we are loving every minute of the holiday season thus far.  More to come on that!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just some updates...

Glad last week is OVER!!!

Monday was Liam's eval with FISD.  He did qualify with a lauguage/articulation delay for 3 hours per day 2 x per week.  I was relieved to get the extra support but still sad that he continues to struggle so much.  He has made so many gains including FINALLY saying his name on November 1st.  But, he really had a hard time answering the evaluator's questions and following their directions, mainly because they used unfamiliar language.  We were able to watch through a mirrored window.  We could see him, but he could not see us.  He was hilarious changing the baby doll's diaper and telling them all about stinky poo-poo.  HA!  And I did see SUCH a sweet side to that I see a lot at home these days.  It made my heart happy.  So, now we will meet for our ARD meeting after Turkey Day and he should start right after Christmas break.  We pray they have availability on Monday/Wednesday.  If not, we will have to pull him out of St. Francis AGAIN!  UGH!  But, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, I am just anxious for him to get started.

We had some fun playdates with Katy and Blake and Kristi and Emmie and Wednesday night was Book Club.  That broke up the week very nicely.

And, Friday was the dreaded tubes procedure.  Only dreaded because I HATE, HATE, HATE seeing my child going under and coming out of anesthesia.  Rick stayed home with Liam and Rowan and I arrived at the surgery center at 6:30 am.  They were PACKED and very busy, so she did not actually go back until 7:45, but was out at 7:52!  And all went very well.  She was really out of it and MAD at mama (which is to be expected..they just get so disoriented).  She clung to a sweet nurse who actually had to carry her out to our car because Rowan would not let go of her.  HA!  We were in the car on the way home at 8:30.  All that fast!!!  My poor sweetie did throw up in the car on the way home from the anesthesia I am guessing---just like her mama always does. After that, she was good as new and has not complained once all weekend.  She is already talking even more and seems even happier than she already was.  I am praying this has helped her hearing loss as well.

We had no plans for the weekend only because I was not sure how she would be.  But, we made some last minute plans with neighbors on Friday night and they had a fun playdate with Hudson and baby Everett.  Then, Rick and I rearranged the kitchen a bit and he decided to move the comment on that!!!  
Yesterday, we did a lot of shopping including a trip to H & M to use a bday gift card I have been saving forever.  I.LOVE.THAT.STORE!  We got Rowan the CUTEST peacoat and I cannot wait for her to wear it on our trip next week.

Today, we went to church, Blue Goose for brunch and now are having a lazy day watching football.  I MAY even start writing out my Christmas cards...we are on top of that game this year!!!  WOOHOO!  Cannot wait to enjoy December without running around shopping, etc.

So, not sure I will write again before our trip up north for Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family.  We are SOOO looking forward to seeing everyone!!!  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Kept Us Busy!

What a great week of fun!

Last Saturday we went to Trick or Treat in Frisco Square.  Rowan dressed as a strawberry this time and Liam as a gorilla, just to switch it up a bit.  I could not believe she kept the hat on the whole time!
SO CUTE!  After, we headed to church and out to dinner and we were all in bed early!

Sunday, we did an early morning Market St. run.  Together.  Not the most pleasant experience, but we got what we needed!  I made a few apps and some meatballs to bring to Farabe's and after nap, we headed over there for their Neighborhood Fall Festival and some playtime fun (for adults and kids!)  ;)
(L to R):  Andrew, Rowan, Liam, Thayer and Hudson.  SOOOO ADORABLE!
The Fall Festival was lots of fun too with a bounce house and games and popcorn.
Rowan and her boyfriends.

Next up was Liam's party at school.  Rowan totally thought she was part of the whole thing.  I was also SOOO impressed with Liam;s behavior and the way he listened so well to his teachers.  His teachers are AWESOME!  They had a parade, read a story, ate snacks, did a craft, and iced and decorated a cookie themselves.  Liam loved it all.  Here are some pics of the festivities and his cute class of kids.  :)
 Parade of costumes
 Walking too fast in the parade!  ;)
 Listening like such a big boy to the Halloween story!

 Rowan loves this book shelf!
 Class pic!
 Group shot
Icing his cookie.  We had a GREAT TIME!!!

Halloween was a long day filled with speech and an ENT drs. appt with a hearing test and 2 hours of occupying two excited children.  They did great overall, but we were all exhausted.  (SIde note: Rowan will get tubes on Friday.  She has some hearing loss :( and lots of fluid so I am anxious to get this done!!!  I think she will do great!)  Sooooo, we ate chik-fila for dinner carved some pumpkins and only made it 6 or 7 houses before Liam had a MELTDOWN.  He screamed "No mommy YOU STOP!" in my face and threw a temper tantrum, SOOO, we headed home, gave baths and he was asleep in 4 minutes!  I still felt bad for dragging him home, but he still got a bunch of candy and NEEDED a good night's sleep.  He did really "get it" this year though and was super cute with everything we did.  HAD A BLAST!

This week is a busy week of our FISD speech eval tomorrow, Book Club on Wednesday, and tubes on Friday.  Then, one more week til we go see family for Turkey Day.  Love this time of year!!!!  :))

Friday, October 26, 2012

The latest Blake stuff....

We have been having so much fun and I feel like I am unfortunately forgetting to post about everything!!!!
I have only one excuse...our laptop kicked the bucket and I am so technologically illiterate sooooo, I have to to wait to use Rick's work computer at night and I am usually just too tired by that point.  All excuses aside, we are looking into some new options and hope to have a new "something" up and running by maybe January???!  

Anywho, here is the latest....

Bad news first.  We are in sick season and Liam has the worst cough.ever!  I should not complain because he really has not been sick since April, but I feel so bad for him.  We have been doing breathing treatments a few times a day and he has been really great with it overall!

And Rowan needs tubes.  BLAH!  She has apparently had chronic ear infections and her mom of the year had no idea!!!  No antibiotic seems to work and she NEVER complains AT ALL!!!  My strong, sweet girl.  ENT appt. on Halloween to schedule the procedure and hopefully she will be 100% after that!  She is just such a good baby!!!

Speaking of baby, this is sad and somewhat happy news I guess???!  Third round trying, no third baby.  BUT, for some reason, I feel ok with it.  I feel like if it was truly meant to be, it would have been.  Now that I am FINALLY sleeping through the night, I am kinda ready to move to the next phase and be done with "baby stuff".  I would have regretted not trying for sure, but I feel so thankful and blessed with the two very SPECIAL children we have.  We are truly VERY LUCKY!

HAPPY STUFF!  And we have so much...

Liam is LOVING SCHOOL!  He had to stay for the first time yesterday and he was so sad to miss.  He loves his sweet teachers, especially Miss Suuuuuuu-dan as he says...aka Miss Susan.  

Liam is talking so much...he is FINALLY saying "Ro-dan" for Rowan but we are still working on his own but I know it will come.  He is SOOO scared of the "l" sound.

Liam had his last soccer game last Saturday.  We are so thankful to have found this team.  The coach was amazing and we are looking forward to next season which will start in a few weeks.  We also booked Liam's bday party at Blue Sky with a soccer theme and I think he will have a BLAST!  

Tonight, we went to "Trunk or Treat" at St. Francis.  We parked near Elsa and had a blast.  I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing moms through my MOMS group as well as the KDO program.  There are so many great families who attend that church and we just love it.  
Here are some pics of the fun...
 Rowan...the SWEETEST little witch ever.  True meaning of the "good witch"  ;)
 My little train conductor.  Simple and cute costume that he was pretty happy with!  PHEW!
 Running, playing and being silly!
 Daddy putting my hat back on!
 SHE WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lollipops and people..her FAVES!  ;)
 They are the best of buddies and it melts my heart.  Today at the mall, our sweet friend Elizabeth's daughter Kate was taking such good care of Rowan and playing with her.  Liam came over and grabbed her away with a big hug and said "my Ro-dan, my baby, ok baby"...already looking out for his sis (even though Kate was being so sweet and making her so happy!!! ;).  SOOO CUTE!
Me and my bud trying to stay warm!  ps we really did have SOME decorations but Rowan was playing in the back of the van, fell and broke our witch decoration and candy bowl all at the same time.  HA!  And, the two stuffed pumpkins she thought were "balls".  ;)

We also painted some pumpkins a week ago.  Liam LOVED every minute.  Only one quick call to Poison Control after Rowan stuck her hand in the acrylic paint and right into her mouth.  Pure blue teeth and fingers, but all was good. ;)  They said to give her some milk and it went pretty quickly through her system by the next morning...just as dropped Liam off at school and had plans to visit Kristi and Emmie...a quick wardrobe change and we were good to go.  OY VEY!  ;)
Here are some pics...
 Pretty much right before she ate the paint I think.

 After the debacle with the blue, she did GREAT with the brush and NO PAINT!  ;)
 He was so excited and cute with this...he is like my little nerd.  In the best ways possible!  LOVE HIM!!!
 His creations.  BEAUTIFUL!
 SOOO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course did NOT like getting dirty.  ;)

I know this post is sooo long, but I am getting as much in as I can!  We have also had so many birthday parties the past few weekends and they have all been a blast.  Last Sunday, was Lily's at MyGym...second week in a row there and both Liam and Rowan LOVED it!!!  
Here is Rowan in her dress which was supposed to be for her own birthday party.  But, since it was so cold we are getting good use out of the cupcake smocking for other peoples' birthdays!  ;)
 She is HILARIOUS!  We have no idea where this personality came from, but she makes us laugh every day.  The latest...the pointer finger and yesterday she started waving it back and forth--I guess to tell us "no-no" although, I have never, not once, done that to her!!!!???!  The eyebrow crinkle...when she is mad, confused, just trying to tell you something.  Then, she gets the HUGEST smile as if to say "just kidding!"....and peek-a-boo HAS TO BE THE.CUTEST.EVER!  LOOOOOOOVE my Rowan!
She is talking so much, even behind that binky and with her supposed chronic ear infections.  Amazing little human being!!!!

So, in closing, first I apologize for the length of this post.  However, I feel so full of happiness and love as I finish it.  We are so extremely lucky and I cherish every crazy, busy moment of every day!!!!  Happy weekend!  We are looking forward to Gattitown tomorrow for Liam's soccer party (hopefully if he not hacking all over!!), trick or treat in the square, and Sunday a festival with the twins and Farabe and Justin.

Such a relaxing movie night tonite!!!!  :)))))

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rowan's 1st bday party

I am so tired so I am just going to let the pictures to tell the story.  We are SOOO truly blessed to have so many amazing friends in Texas.  Rowan had an AMAZING DAY!!!!

30 degrees less than what we thought it would be, but well worth every smile!!!!  We love you Rowan Carley!!!!!